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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonics treatments are different from enemas. While enemas can be done at home and are a one-time infusion, colonics involve multiple infusions and must be done by a "certified" hydro therapist with specialized equipment. When a client is given a colonic, a tube is inserted into the rectum and warm, purified water is pumped into the body.

The procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and the cleanse may continues with additional bowel movements within the first few hours after the colonic procedure.

The client may experience cramping which can cause a little discomfort but generally does not last. Every clients body is different, so each person will have a different experience, depending upon the level of waste build up in the colon.

When you aren't able to go to the bathroom properly, you store bacteria in your body that is meant to be expelled. After receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, some clients claim to be full of energy, some feel totally relaxed and others simply feel like a weight was lifted off their shoulders.

Cost: $75.00 for 45 mins