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Welcome to "Beautiful Spa L" and Thank you for your interest in who we are by visiting our "about us page."

Here at "Beautiful Spa L" we would like to start off by reconfirming our commitment to serving your needs to the best of our abilities and always striving to give each Client great care and superior customer service. Our Owner labored thoughtfully in deciding how to describe our vision and mission in the care of each Client who visits our facility. That vision is spelled out in our name:

Beautiful stands for the "beauty in you, your beautiful skin" and providing options in how you can care for your body and promote healthier living. We’re here to help you maintain and enhance the beauty that is inside and out. Our approach to lasting skin care involves healthy choices for the entire body.

Spa stands for water, which we can’t live without. That&s also where the use of "Colonics" helps in the cleansing of toxins from the body. The result is a cleaner inner body which makes for beautiful and healthier skin. As we all know, drinking enough water promotes healthier living.

L is for Love and we love what we do in service to our clients.

Beautiful Spa L offers services and products that focus on prevention and promoting graceful aging, feeding the skin with proven remedies which also enhance healthier skin. We have been helping clients for over twenty years and "it is our passion."